Warning Standards

To control the behavior of your Ideate Explorer Revit warnings data, see below for details on the features found with the Settings and Manage dialogs. 

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Access the Settings dialog as shown from the main dialog of Ideate Explorer. This information pertains to the local machine settings. The values within this dialog are stored by default at C:\Program Files\Ideate\Ideate Software 20xx\Ideate Explorer. This location can also be changed as described in the topic Set File Paths for Defaults.

Set default warning rankings

Read Warnings On-Demand

The checkbox “Read Warnings on-demand only” shown below is an optional Ideate Explorer setting that can be used to improve performance. When this option is selected the warnings data will only be gathered if/when the Warnings tab is activated. In larger projects with lots of warnings the launch time of Ideate Explorer can be slowed down by this process. When this option is checked, the alert icons on the main dialog will not be displayed.

Define the default standard for Revit warning priorities

Set File Path Defaults

When Ideate Explorer is first launched within a Revit project, the default warning rankings are read from the XML file specified at under the ‘File Paths’.

The Default Warnings.xml file has approximately (60) ranked warnings. The rankings set within this file are based on beta-tester input about the relative importance of each warning. Our research indicates that the significance of each warning type will vary with the project type, unique project conditions, and also the primary discipline (architecture, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structure, etc.).

You can use the Browse button to specify a different file location and/or different XML file. In addition to the Default Warnings.xml, Ideate Explorer also includes a warning rankings file called CustomWarnings.xml. This file defines 915 potential warnings, none of which are ranked. Use this file as a starting point to set your own standard.

The ‘Default metric settings’ file sets the default value for the warnings threshold. The default value is 100 warnings per 100 MB of file size. This value can be overridden within the active project.


Access the Manage dialog as shown from the main dialog of Ideate Explorer. This information pertains to the settings within the active Revit project file. 

Set default warning rankings

Share Warning Rankings 

Use the Export and Import buttons shown on the image below at #1 to transfer warning rankings between projects. Importing a new rankings file will overwrite all current project rankings. The number of warnings displayed within Ideate Explorer within the Warnings tab is a function of the Revit project conditions. While only (3) warnings may display, for example, the export would include any that had been previously defined.

Set alert level when Revit Warnings are exceeded

Set Warnings Threshold

A threshold for the allowed number of warnings per project can also be set from within the Manage dialog as shown above at #2. When the number of warnings in a project (excluding those hidden) exceeds the value of this threshold, a second alert (bomb icon) will display on the main dialog. The default value for this setting is managed in the Settings. When the value is edited here, that value becomes saved within the current project.

Edit Rankings

The complete list of defined warnings is displayed at #4 in the image above. To edit the rankings for one or more warning types:

  1. Use the search feature (#3) to quickly group similar warning types.
  2. Select one or more warning types from the list. You can use the Shift+ or Ctrl+ keys to multi-select these rows.
  3. Use your right-click button to edit the assigned ranking as shown above at #4.

When changes are made to this list, the data is saved within the current project. When that occurs the warnings list is no longer pulled from the default location. If the goal is to make these updates a new standard then be sure to use the EXPORT button and save the data to the default location as specified under Settings.

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