Calculated Revit Warnings

Warnings that mention the word ‘calculated’, or imply that calculations are being made, are usually worth reviewing. The implication of such warning types is that Revit is busy working in the background trying to calculate a result, but failing, due to a lack of data or accuracy. For these warning types your strategy will be to decide whether the calculated value is needed, and if it is, then to try to resolve. If the value is not needed, you will want to learn how to prevent the calculation.

Some examples of these warning types include:

Preventing the Calculation

Before you spend a lot of time trying to resolve these types of warnings, decide whether you need the calculation done. If the project does not require the information, consider turning it off.

Example #1: To prevent the “It is not possible to calculate the flow” warning you can set the Calculations parameter within the system type to None, as shown.

Not possible to calculate the Revit air flow warning

Example #2: To prevent the Volumes overlap warning type, which applies to rooms and spaces, you can turn off the volume computation option as shown. Learn more about room and space computations.

Turn off Room Volume Computation to remove Revit warning

Solving the Calculation

Example #1: To resolve the Volumes overlap warning type, which applies to rooms and spaces:

Resolve Revit volume overlap warning with Ideate Explorer


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