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Type of Rankings 

Within Ideate Explorer on the Warnings tab, each Revit warning can be tagged with one of four possible rankings: Not Ranked, Low, Medium, or High. The rankings are displayed within Ideate Explorer in descending order of their rankings, with High being at the top and Not Ranked warnings being at the bottom. 

Revit warnings sorted by importance

Warnings that are tagged with the High ranking are considered the most important. If a project has any warnings tagged as High, a special alert icon will display at the top of Ideate Explorer to the right of the Display drop-down. If all the high-ranked warnings are being filtered or excluded by a text search this special icon will not display.

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Alert icon for high-ranked Revit warnings

Setting a Ranking

To set the rank of a Revit warning type, right-click on the warning type, as shown below, then select Set Ranking and choose from one of the four options shown. Once you’ve established your preferred rankings you may want to make this a company standard or share these settings with another project team. To learn more about this, review the related topic: Set Warning Standards

In addition to setting the ranking, you can also hide a warning type.

Set the importance of a Revit warning in Ideate Explorer

Hiding a Warning Type

Sometimes a particular warning type may be an unnecessary distraction. Some warnings, like Duplicate Type, may be deemed acceptable to the BIM Manager (for a particular project or for all projects). In this case, hiding this warning type can help keep the team focused on other, more important warnings. When a warning is hidden the following will also happen:

*To unhide a warning type, use the Filter options to display Hidden Warnings, as shown. Select a warning type from this filtered list, then right-click to select the Unhide option.

The choices to hide/unhide and ranking settings are saved within the active project. 

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Display hidden warnings in Ideate Explorer

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