Audit and Edit Revit Model and Detail Lines with Ideate Explorer

Detail Lines and Model Lines present several challenges for the BIM Manager. The improper use of each is very common and tends to surface only during printing, causing delays or poor quality prints. Further complicating the matter is the fact that unintended Line Styles have a bad habit of showing up throughout the course of the project. The primary culprit, of course is the Exploded Import - this is main reason we need to enforce a No Exploding rule.

Auditing Detail Lines

Most good corporate standards will have a handful of prescribed linetypes.  When auditing Detail Lines look for any non-standard linetypes and them move them to the proper linetype.

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Auditing Model Lines

Space and Room boundary lines are examples of Model lines that you should expect to see in your Revit project.  All other Model lines should be carefully reviewed to ensure they follow office protocol for model line usage.  Those working on quantity takeoff should also review these, as sometime they are intended to represent something substantial that would impact a bid process.

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