Element Count

Knowing what is in your Revit project and how many of each element, is the most basic auditing task that you can undertake. Like a doctor taking your blood pressure, this can reveal a lot about the health of your Revit project with Ideate Explorer.

What should you look for when reviewing the Element Count?

What is the overall element count and, more importantly, how has it changed since you last reviewed the project?  The overall element count is listed at the top of the Results window.  In the image shown, the project contains 36505 elements this week. We can also see that there are a fair number of Dimensions, indicating that there has been good progress on the construction documentation phase though we also see that many of the Views have not been placed on Sheets yet.  One item that stands out is that the number of CAD Imports. While there may be a good reason for this, its worth taking a closer look.  

Element Count within Revit Projects with Ideate Explorer

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