Auditing Overview for Revit with Ideate Explorer

The <Ideate Audit> Filter is designed to focus attention on Revit elements that warrant special attention for the BIM Manager.  Access this option from the Filter drop-down menu, as shown using Ideate Explorer.

Auditing Overview for Revit with Ideate Explorer

The Categories included under this Filter are: Arrays, CAD Imports, Dimensions, Grids, Groups, Keynotes, Levels, Lines, Raster Images, Plan Regions, Reference Planes, Revision Clouds, Scope Boxes, Text, and View References.

To begin a project audit:

  1. Launch Ideate Explorer
  2. Set Display to Entire Project
  3. Set Sort by to Category
  4. Set Filter to <Ideate Audit>

For suggestions on how to audit, refer to these related Help topics: Element CountModel and Detail LinesKeynotes and RevisionsCleanup Text and DimensionsScope Boxes and Plan RegionsAuditing GroupsGrids Levels and Reference PlanesHow Do I Manage Worksets?, and How Do I Delete a Hidden DWG.

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