Sample Scripts

Ideate Automation contains several sample script (.testdef) files that can be used to open Revit and run Ideate Explorer and other Ideate Software processes in the background. The scripts can be used by the Ideate Automation Queue, as shown in the images below, or used in conjunction with other tools, like the Windows Task Scheduler. In this topic you can learn about the purpose of each sample Ideate Explorer-based script.

Single Revit Model Exports

Multiple Revit Model Exports


The IEX-Export_Warnings script is designed to automate the export of warnings data into a specified Excel file.

To use this link:

  1. Browse to pick a Revit file. 
  2. If your selected Revit file is a local or published cloud model you can leave the export folder default as-is. This will place the Excel file in a new or existing folder called Ideate Warnings at the root of the folder where the selected Revit file lives. If the Revit file is a cloud model, you should use the Browse button to select a location. If the desired location is on BIM 360/ ACC then you will need to browse via the Desktop Connector for the correct folder.
  3. Review the export file name. The default value will prefix the file name with the date and Revit file name. If the file with the same worksheets already exists, new data will overwrite the existing content.
  4. Select Create and Run to launch the script.

This script will launch the correct version of Revit based on your Revit file selection, then open that Revit file, launch Ideate Explorer, create or update an Excel file, and then close out Revit. See below for a variation on this script.

Export Revit Warnings data from Ideate Automation


The script called “ISW-Health_Check” is similar to IEX-Export_Warnings but also includes Ideate BIMLink functionality found in the script called IBL-Health_Check and will result in a single Excel file with data from both Ideate Software solutions.

Related scripts: ISW-MP-Health_Check_CopyTemplate


This multi-project (MP) script extends the functionality of  ISW-Health_Check by adding the ability to select multiple Revit files as well as the ability to standardize the output files by allowing a pre-formatted Excel file to be copied (when absent) from a company standard location. A detailed explanation of how to use this script is included in the Ideate Automation Getting Started Guide.



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