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Ideate Explorer for Revit® 

Explore Your Revit Building Information Model — Your Complete Resource to Master Ideate Explorer

Getting Started

Take the first steps or review what’s new in the latest release

Explore Revit Warnings

All about the Warnings Manager functionality

Ideate Explorer Basics

Basic functionality — the whole Revit model at your fingertips

Ideate Query

Create selection sets based on parameter values, find what you need without cluttering your model with otherwise useless schedules

BIM Manager’s Toolbox

How Ideate Explorer can help you keep your team on task

How to…

Many more workflows for model management, QA, and just overall making your BIM life easier


For when you need that extra bit of help to get you going again.

Ideate Explorer Overview

Watch this quick 10-minute video for a brief overview of Ideate Explorer. Learn how this model browser keeps your Revit models clean and accurate, decreases time spent on model management, increases model accuracy, and reduces file space.

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