Using Formulas in Cells

Ideate BIMLink supports the use of formulas in Excel spreadsheets cells.  When a spreadsheet is imported into Revit, the results of the Excel formula are used.

Calculate Occupancy
  - OR -

=upper(B2) (copy, then ‘paste values’ into the desired column)

Convert Wall Orientation Degree into Text
  - OR -

Combine Room Number and Mark
=Room Number&"-"&Mark
 - OR -

Add a Prefix to a Cell
=”Prefix-”&B2 (copy, then ‘paste values’ into the desired column)

Replace the Level number prefix for Doors, Rooms or Spaces Numbers
=REPLACE(Room Number,First Character,Only One Character,"2")
   - OR -

Removing Spaces from Names
Some database formats require that key names have no spaces.  COBie guidelines indicate that the space is not allowed, for example.  Ideate BIMLink can be used to edit Family and Type names.  The corresponding Excel function is SUBSTITUTE.

=SUBSTITUTE("Long Name with Spaces"," ","")  - this would return "LongNamewithSpaces"
 - OR —
=SUBSTITUTE(B2," ","")

See Supported Excel Functions for more information.

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