Using Dropdown Lists

A dropdown list can be used within Excel to expedite your work and ensure standardized values across your data.

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Automatically Create a Dropdown

Ideate BIMLink will automatically create a dropdown list within the Excel file when these conditions are met:

  1. On the Link Tab within the Link Properties dialog, the box to “Export with dropdown values” must be selected. This setting will be saved within the Link Definition.
  2. The Link Definition must contain properties that are supported by this feature, as described below.

Supported Properties

Most of the properties supported by this functionality are built-in parameters where there are a controlled set of options for the allowed parameter values. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:  Schedule Keys, Level, Phase, Phase Filter, Workset, View Template, Scope Box, Family and Type, Electrical Equipment: Circuit Naming, Space: Space Type, Structural Usage (for Walls and Footings), View Reference, View: Discipline and Zone: Service Type. 

Additionally, custom parameters are also supported for any Material-based or Image-based parameter. To create dropdown lists in Excel for unsupported properties, refer to the topic Manually Create a Dropdown.

Unsupported Properties

Assembly Codes, Keynotes, Area Types and Area Schemes, and other custom parameters not mentioned above are not currently supported but can be managed by the manual methods described below.

Manually Create a Dropdown

A dropdown list can also be created within Excel by using the Data Validation tool.

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