Organizing Excel Data

Several Excel tools are particularly useful in re-organizing and auditing the data after it is exported from Ideate BIMLink.

Finding Duplicates
Revit does not allow for duplicates in View names or Sheet numbers and will flag duplicates for Mark and Type Mark with warnings.  To help avoid these issues, the Conditional Formatting within Excel can be used to highlight duplicates.

See Excel menu:  Home tab > Styles panel >Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cells Rules > Duplicate Values

Related topic:  Manage Duplicate Type Marks

Sorting with Excel
Starting with versions 2013.6 / 2014.3, Ideate BIMLink includes sorting.  If you forgot to sort, or are using an earlier version, you can also sort within Excel.  The easiest way to sort in Excel is to place your cursor within the very first cell (A1) and then to use the Sort tool which is found from the Excel menu:  Data tab > Sort and Filter panel > Sort

Using an Excel Table
Another method that can be used to filter and sort large amounts of data is to use the Excel Table tool.

See Excel menu:  Insert tab ►Tables panel ► (Table)

For more information, also see the Microsoft website help topic:  Create or delete an Excel table in a Worksheet.

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