Available Properties

Ideate BIMLink provides access to many kinds of properties available from the Revit model.

Built-in Revit Parameters
The properties include Revit system parameters defined for each category.  Many of the built-in parameters are viewable with Revit Properties Palette.

See Revit menu:  Modify Tab ► Properties Panel►  (Properties)

Project-Based Revit Parameters
These properties include Project Parameters and Shared Parameters associated with user-selected categories in a Revit project.

See Revit menu:  Manage Tab ► Setting Panel ►  (Project Parameters)

Family-Based Revit Parameters
These properties include Family Parameters (non-shared) and Shared Parameters associated with a particular Revit family.

See Revit menu:  Family Editor ►Home Tab ►Properties Panel►  (Family Types)

NOTE:  Multi-Category links do not include Family Parameters unless they are Shared Parameters.

Custom Ideate Properties for Revit
These properties are derived from the Revit model by Ideate Software. These properties include:

Key Schedule Properties
The properties available to links based on a key schedule are driven exclusively by the parameters defined within the associated Revit key schedule.  For more information, see Revit Key Schedules.

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