Display Link Identity and Descriptions with Ideate BIMLink

The Link tab within the Ideate BIMLink Link Properties displays identity and summary level information about a link. 

Link Tab in Ideate BIMLink Properties


Uniquely identifies the link within the current Revit project. By default the Name will be equal to the type of link. The Name also will become the name of the worksheet within Excel when the link is exported.  Therefore, it must comply with Excel's rules for worksheet names:



User-defined description associated with link and displayed on the main Ideate BIMLink dialog when a link is selected.  It can be used to document how the link should be used.


Link Options

The checkbox for “Export with dropdown values” controls whether certain fields will have a dropdown list within the Excel exported file. Fields that support dropdown lists are those that are editable and have a pre-defined list of choices within Revit. Examples of fields that support dropdown lists include but are not limited to:“Family and Type”, “Phase Created”, “Phase Filter, “Schedule Level”, Workset, and any field that has a Material parameter type.



A read-only list that summarizes the choices made within each tab of the Link Properties dialog.

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