New Link Details

The New Link Details dialog is accessed as the second step after a New Link process is started and the category of data has been selected from within the New Link Category Dialog using Ideate BIMLink.


NameIdeate BIMLink Dialog
The name identifies this link within the current Revit project.  A default unique name is generated based on the category selected.  You may change the default name to any unique name.  The name also will become the name of the worksheet within Excel when the link data is exported.  The link name must comply with Excel's rules about the length of characters for a worksheet name.

User-defined description associated with link and displayed on the main Ideate BIMLink dialog when a link is selected.  It can be used to document how the link should be used.  This field will be filled out automatically if a Sample Link is selected under the Method section.


Now that the category of data has been defined, the three options under the Method section can be used to control whether a list of pre-defined properties will be included as the Link is created.

New Link
This option will result in no properties or description being defined upon Link creation.  

Sample Link
The Sample Link option is available if any sample Link file exists within the Samples folder (see below) and will result in both the pre-defined properties and pre-defined description used upon Link creation.  The Sample Link content is provided out-of-the-box and can be customized easily by saving user-defined link files into the location at:  C:\Program Files\Ideate\Ideate Software 2016\Ideate BIMLink\en-US\Samples.

This Schedule option is available only if a schedule belonging to the specified category exists in the current project.  If the category is Structural Framing, but there is no Structural Framing Schedule (e.g. Concrete Beam Schedule in the image), then this option will be unavailable.  Learn more about creating a Link from a Schedule.

Link Type

The last step, after defining the Method, is to decide whether the data that you need to access is Instance- or Type-based data.  Learn about the difference between Instance and Type data.  After making this choice, select Next to complete the Link creation process by editing any of the Link Properties.

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