New Link Information

After a new link is created, the Link Information panel will display on the right hand-side of the New Link dialog as shown below. This topic covers the details within that area.

Review Link Information for Ideate BIMLink

The name identifies this link within the current Revit project.  A default unique name is generated based on the category selected.  You may change the default name to any unique name.  The name also will become the name of the worksheet within Excel when the link data is exported.  The link name must comply with Excel's rules about the length of characters for a worksheet name.

The category value will be a read-only value that reflects how the data is organized. The value will either be the primary Revit category, such as equipment, walls, spaces, etc., or it will say <Multi-Category>. Learn about Multi-Category links here.

User-defined description associated with link and displayed on the main Ideate BIMLink dialog when a link is selected.  It can be used to document how the link should be used.  This field will be filled out automatically when a link is being created from an existing link definition such as those that can be loaded from the Browse method.

Link Type

The Link Type property will be read-only if the link is being created from existing content, such as those that can be loaded from the Browse method. If the link is being created By Schedule or By Category, the link type value can be set to either Instance or Type.

Learn about the difference between Instance and Type data.  After making this choice, select Next to complete the link creation process by editing any of the Link Properties.

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