Create By Category

The By Category method within the New Link dialog is useful as a starting point when you are more advanced in your BIM data expertise and are familiar with the data category that you want to leverage.

Select the category of data which you intend to edit then choose a Link Source from one of these options:

Start from scratch with Ideate BIMLink

Link Source

Defined in libraries
The list of links displayed includes any found at the specified path that matches the selected data category. Multi-category links will also be displayed if they reference the selected data category.

Defined by Revit schedule
Any schedule defined within the project that matches the selected data category will be displayed within this area as a way of creating a new link definition. In the example above there are not Wall schedules in the project, so this option is not available. You can also use the By Schedule method to create a link from a schedule.

Custom definition
Use this option to create a new link ‘from scratch’.

For details on Link Information and Link Type, review the Link Information topic.

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