Audit Revit Names for BIM Protocol Standards with Ideate BIMLink

Many building codes or owner requirements now reference COBie or other BIM protocol naming standards.  These standards often include rules that relate to how the model elements, rooms, and spaces should be named and quite often those standards require that no spaces be used in the names.

You can use these out of the box sample links to find Revit elements that have spaces in the names, and then use the process below to fix the issue.  These links have been designed to address this specific challenge:

For each of the links mentioned above the Filter has been used to only display those values that contain spaces.  If you want to rename those values to remove all spaces, follow this process.

  1. Launch Ideate BIMLink and select the Load Sample... button.
  2. Set the Source directory to the "Quality Control" folder.
  3. Select one of the link definitions identified above.
  4. Export the values from Ideate BIMLink to Excel.
  5. In the first empty column, starting in Row 2, use this formula:  =SUBSTITUTE(B2," ","")
  6. Copy this formula down for each row of data.
  7. Select all the cells where you placed a formula in the previous steps and use the Copy function.
  8. Place your cursor in B2.
  9. Use Excel's Paste Special tool to only paste the values into column B.
  10. Save and close the file.  
  11. Import the results back into Revit via Ideate BIMLink. 

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