Audit Revit Room and Space Data Related to View References with Ideate BIMLink

Ideate BIMLink has the unique ability to report on the Revit Room or Space data as it relates to some types of View References.  A View Reference is the generic term for the Annotation elements such as Elevation Marks, Sections Marks, Cameras, etc. that refer to a specific view.

For Interior Elevation views, this ability to report on the Room or Space data means that the View name can be easily correlated to the Room/Space number and name.  There are three unique Ideate BIMLink properties that can assist in auditing your Interior Elevation View names:  View Orientation (which way is the tag facing), Elevation Room, and Elevation Space.  The Elevation Room and Elevation Space properties allows for any Room property that corresponds to the View Reference; so Room Name, Room Number, Room Department, etc. could be included.

STEP 1 - Use the Sample Link

The simplest way to audit the Interior Elevation is to use the Sample Link called "QC-Views_Interior-Audit"

  1. Select the Load Sample... button.
  2. Change the Source Directory to Quality Control Links.
  3. Select "QC-Views_Interior-Audit"
  4. Select the Filters tab to review the settings.  

 audit the Interior Elevation

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