Manage Project Standards

Ideate BIMLink can be used to bring serious standardization to your Revit projects.  Some sample link definitions are provided under the Project Standards folder to assist in this task.  Refer to Browse Library Content for more information on this topic.  Use Shift+select to load several links at once.

Browse Project Standards workflows in Ideate BIMLink

Revit Family and Type Name Standards
Use the Multi-Category sample link called "Project_Standards-Rename_Types" to rename all the model family  names within your project or seed file.  From the Help menu within Ideate BIMLink, select Load Sample Links and then browse to the Project Standards folder.

2D Content
2D Detail Components will often bring unwanted clutter to a Project Browser as detail families are imported from various outside sources.  These can easily be renamed and reorganized by using the "Project_Stds-Details" link.

Finding the correctly filled region type is difficult when consistent naming conventions are not applied.  Use the "Project_Stds-Filled_Regions" link to organize the filled regions by an industry standards (e.g. CSI divisions).

Symbols and matchline families are managed within the Generic Annotation category.  Use the "Project_Stds-Generic_Annotation" link to keep naming standards in alignment with company standards.

Material Styles
The "Project_Stds-Materials" link allows for editing of the Material name.  As with Detail Components it may be useful to adopt an industry naming standards to help keep these well organized.

Text Styles
The "Project_Stds-Text_Styles" link can be used to redefine the Text Styles within the current Revit project.  Note that because of how Revit manages nested families, text that is part of a label (tags) will not be able to be modified via this method.

The "Project_Stds-Profile_Types" link can be used to rename all the Profiles within the current Revit project - an important part of keeping your project organized.

Learn about how to re-use this modified Revit family (RFA) content or Project Standards within another Revit project.

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