Create New Types

Ideate BIMLink can be used to create many new elements. This topic will cover how to create new types for families that already exist within a Revit project or template file.

There are four required conditions to support the creation of new types with Ideate BIMLink:

  1. The link must be a type-based link.
  2. The word “NEW” in the Id (first) column.
  3. The family parameter must be part of the link.
  4. The type parameter must be part of the link.

Within the Browse > Create Elements folder you will find several predefined links that support this method, including:

To create other kinds of types, use the By Category method to create a new link, select Type Link, then be sure to include both the Family and Type parameters. Refer to the sample links above for reference.

Creating new types in Revit with Ideate BIMLink

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