Create New Revit Area Elements with Ideate BIMLink

Ideate BIMLink can create new unplaced Revit Areas.  In order to define an Area element Revit requires that an Area Scheme be specified first.  For this reason it is imperative that the Area link definition include a Filter for the Area Scheme: Name property. Related topic: Edit Revit Filters Tab with Ideate BIMLink 

The easiest way to create new unplaced Areas is to create a new link by using an existing Revit Area schedule as a starting point.  This will ensure that the caveats noted above are true. Once the link has been defined, you should export the data to Excel and then refer to the topic on Creating New Rooms changes that must be made to the Excel file before importing. When “NEW” is included in the Id column, a new unplaced area will be created for the Area scheme that is specified within the Ideate BIMLink filter.

NOTE:  The Sample Link called "Areas-Create_NEW" is setup with a filter for the Area Scheme called "Gross Building", as an example.  When this link is used to create new Areas they will be automatically assigned to the Gross Building Area Scheme because of this filter.

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