Create Custom Families

Ideate BIMLink allows the creation of several kinds of custom Revit families using data from an Excel spreadsheet. As of November 2019 these kinds of families are supported for creation and placement via Ideate BIMLink: furniture, furniture systems, generic models, masses, plantings, specialty equipment, and site elements. The example below illustrates how to create mass or generic model elements, but the process is similar for all supported elements.

To create new generic model or mass elements:

NOTE: If the specified 'Family and Type' value is not assigned Ideate BIMLink will create a new element based on the last valid element defined.

Mass elements are often used for space planning activities.  Existing customers can request a Massing sample dataset request a Massing sample dataset which includes a schedule, custom tag and corresponding Excel file that can be used to create new Masses using this method. 

Revit Massing Sample in BIMLink


Tips for Creating Rooms / Spaces

Rooms and Spaces will be set to the Design Option and/or Phase associated with the active view, regardless of the value for Phase or Design Option in the link.  If you need to create different Rooms / Spaces for different Phases or different Design Options follow these tips to ensure the best outcome:

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