Sending Coordinate Data for Revit Modeling to the Field with Ideate BIMLink

Ideate BIMLink can export a variety of Revit coordinate data as described in Link Properties > Integrate Revit Coordinate Properties with Ideate BIMLink.  

Example of Structural Foundation Link with XYZ values available for custom families.

NOTE:  Start and end line coordinate data is available for Structural Wall Foundations elements.

Example of Structural Foundation Link with XYZ values available for custom families.

In some cases, however, more specific coordinate data may be needed.  For example, if the top four coordinates of a structural footing are needed, instead of the default (single) XYZ values provided for the Structural Foundation families, you may want to consider this workflow.

  1. Create a new Generic Model family that can be either placed inside your model or embedded within your custom families.  Alternatively you can use the family called "IdeatePT.rfa" which is located at C:\Program Files\Ideate\Ideate Software 2016\Ideate BIMLink\en-US\Samples\Construction Links. 
  2. Within the family ensure that this family is Shared so that if it is nested it can still report its values.
  3. Use the sample link called “Generic_Model-Survey_Pts” which can be found within the Construction sample folder OR create a new Generic Model link to report on only this family. The sample link takes advantage of Host data to also export the Category, Family Name and Mark values of the element onto which the Generic Model is hosted.

Create a new Generic Model link to report

Ideate BIMLink customers can request a sample dataset by contacting us at:

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