How to Leverage Revit BIM Data

Topics in this section

Create New Revit Elements
Use Ideate BIMLink to create Revit elements.

Create New Revit Types
Use Ideate BIMLink to create Revit types for families such as View Types, Generic Annotation Types, etc.

Use Ideate BIMLink for Quality Control
Custom Ideate BIMLink properties or unexposed Revit properties make Ideate BIMLink your Quality Control go-to solution.

Manage Key Schedule Data
Create and edit Revit Key Schedule data.

Manage Revit Sheet-based Revisions
Ideate BIMLink can be used to manage sheet-based revision data in Revit.

Quickly Manage Revit Project Standards
Use Ideate BIMLink to standardize Revit family content.

Set Up Projects
Use Ideate BIMLink to set up levels, views, sheets, and viewports for a new Revit project.

Utilize Type Swapping
Learn how to use Ideate BIMLink to swap one Revit element for another.

Manage Calculated Values within Tags
Sample methods for pushing calculated values into Tags on Revit Schedules with Ideate BIMLink.

Import Linked Revit File Data
Tips for working with Revit Linked File data in Ideate BIMLink.

Revit Sample Link Files with Ideate BIMLink
Use a pre-defined list in Excel to expedite filling out the Space Type property using sample link files with Ideate BIMLink.

Construction Tasks
Use Ideate BIMLink to manage a variety of construction-related tasks in Revit.

Use Ideate Sticky with Ideate BIMLink
Import re-formatted Ideate BIMLink data via Ideate Sticky.

Instructional Videos
Online videos demonstrating some of the many uses of Ideate BIMLink for Revit.

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