What's New with Ideate BIMLink for Revit

The latest improvements to Ideate BIMLink include features that are added to our 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017 versions. See below for a summary of some of new features in the May 2019 release or check out our YouTube What's New playlist

General Improvements

Easier to Use

With improved worksharing logic, now you can have more than one person simultaneously accessing BIMLink within the same project.

MEP Fabrication Data is Here!

Detailed information about MEP Fabrication parts is now a part of Ideate BIMLink. Use the Load Sample option and search for the keyword "fab" to find the new sample content shown below. Support for MEP Fabrication Parts goes beyond what the Revit schedule delivers, including but not limited to Space, Service Type, Assembly info and more.

New View Template Controls

In this version we've added the ability to access all of the "Include" options for view templates. All the properties shown in the view templates property panel below are now editable via Ideate BIMLink. This means you will be able to quickly set/unset parameter values or other key view properties associated with your view templates.

New Content

Quality Control

We have added new properties and data categories to support enhanced workflows related to Project Quality Control.  

Project Standards

New properties and data categories to support enhanced workflows related to Project Standards.

Check Out revision/Issuance Management

Keeping track of revision and issuance data is easy with Ideate BIMLink. In this version we've added the ability to edit the Revision Sequence of a Revision Cloud.
Check on the new link called "Revision_Clouds-Move.link".

You can also use Ideate BIMLink to:

Create More with Ideate BIMLink

Did you know that these elements can be created from Excel via Ideate BIMLink?

Learn more about creating new elements in Ideate BIMLink.

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