What's New with Ideate BIMLink

The latest improvements to Ideate BIMLink include features that are added to our 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020 versions. See below for a summary of some of new features in the May 2023 release or check out our YouTube What's New playlist

May 2023 Release

New Compound Layer Management Workflows

This May 2023 release of Ideate BIMLink includes new access to report and edit some of the properties of compound layers. These are the layers constitute the system families for ceilings, floors, roofs, structural slabs and walls. The benefits of being able to edit both the material assignment and the thickness include improved project standards, improved embodied carbon analysis, and improved quantity takeoff data for your Revit project.

Access this new data via these sample link definitions, which can be found in the new content folder called 09 Material Management: Ceiling_Layers, Floor_Layers, Roof_Layers, Structural Slab_Layers, and Wall_Layers.

New Create Elements Workflows

Ideate BIMLink can be used to create lots of new elements and unplaced/placeholder elements. In this release we are adding the ability to also create:

All our “create” workflows are supported by link definitions that are saved within the content folder called within the 04 Create Elements. Learn more: Create New Revit Elements with Ideate BIMLink

New Manage Sheet/View Sets Workflows

Newly available sheet- and view-based properties now give access to the Sheet/View Set data in Revit. Access to this important data means you can now easily batch edit your print and PDF export lists.  Look for these new link definitions: Sheet_Sets and View Sets.

Other New Workflows

Set Default Values for Type (RFA)

The new “type” data category is now available within RFA files to support editing all type and instance values within the family. This includes the ability to edit and set formulas and to set the values for family type parameters (nested families). Look for the new link callled Types_RFA within the 01 Beyond Schedules folder.

Manage Materials for Embodied Carbon Analysis

Given customer requests to prepare Revit models for embodied carbon analysist, these addition new link definitions are included in this release and can be also found in the 09 Material Management folder: Foundation_Types-Materials, Foundations-Materials, Structural_Columns-Materials, and Structural_Framing-Materials






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