What's New with Ideate BIMLink

The latest improvements to Ideate BIMLink include features that are added to our 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019 versions. See below for a summary of some of new features in the May 2021 release or check out our YouTube What's New playlist

May 2021 Release

General Improvements

In the May 2021 release of Ideate BIMLink, there are three important general improvements. The first general improvement is support for these languages: Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Your teams across the globe can now enjoy increased productivity through the use of Ideate Software tools in their native languages.  

The second improvement relates to our cloud network licensing, which now also works in VDI and other remote access environments. This change allows your teams to work remotely without the overhead of a network license server. We also developed double redundancy methods for our cloud network solution to ensure continuous access in the event of a failure.

And lastly, all Ideate Software solutions have been updated to better support the new file path locations required by the change from BIM 360 to the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC)

New Workflows

This release of Ideate BIMLink includes an important new workflow that provides greater flexibility for those that need to map data from elements with differing IDs. If you are currently using lookup formulas to map data from one element or type to another, this workflow should greatly simplify that effort. Learn more about this “Alternate Data Key Method” in our related help topic. Look for these new links that are designed to highlight this functionality:

Additionally, this release also supports setting the values for custom families that use the Family Type parameter. If you have a key plan family nested into your titleblock, or a door panel nested into your door panel, or an annotation family nested into your device, you’ll be delighted by this new feature.

New Content

In this release all sample content has been translated into the supported languages and will be automatically set as the default when the corresponding version of Revit is used. If you are using the German version of Revit, for example, Ideate BIMLink will display the user interface in German and the sample link content will also be displayed in German.

Beyond Schedules

The Beyond Schedules content folder contains samples for the many data categories that are supported by Ideate BIMLink but are not supported by Revit Schedules. New for this release are:

Create Elements

In this release we’ve added Scope-Boxes_IMPORT.link to our long list of elements that can be created with Ideate BIMLink. This functionality lets you re-create scope box elements by copying the properties of scope boxes that exist within a linked file.

We have many new link definitions available under the new "Create Elements" folder found within New Link dialog. Select the Browse method then pick this folder to review this new content; look for the new Door_Types-Create_NEW.link.

Related topics: Creating New Elements and Project Setup.

Health Check Links

In this version we have new coordinate data available within the Project Information data category. The new HC-Project_Information.link combines all relevant coordinate data from your linked files into one spot, making it easy to keep tabs on the positioning of all links.

Project Standards Links

Trying to review duplicates across complex wall, floor, ceiling and roof assemblies can be difficult with access to detailed ‘layer’ information. In this release we have added 5 new properties to these data categories to support this auditing task. Look for these new links:

Quality Control Links

Managing Linked file data is always a challenge, so we are delighted to add a few new properties that can be used to audit your Revit linked file relationships. Look for these new links:

And lastly, we now have a link called QC-Tags-Location_from_Host.link that can be used to review the distance between the tag and the element it references. This link can also be used to reset the location of tags based on the centroid of the hosting element.

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