The Tasks window is where you can schedule and manage Ideate Automation tasks to run daily or weekly without user interaction.

The first step to creating a Scheduled Task is to select a Completed Task from the Task List on the Home page and click Schedule.

This will open the Ideate Scheduled Task Wizard where you can add a Description and populate the schedule that this task will run on from the Trigger tab.

The Command tab will let you review the details prior to a Save or Save and Run of the Scheduled Task.

When you open Tasks from the menu on the left, you will see the task that you just created, as well as any other Scheduled Tasks. As new Scheduled Tasks are created, this list will grow. Any task can be selected to display a summary of the Task Details and options to Edit, Run Now, Clone as Task.

Note the Import, Export, and Refresh options as well as the Search: bar along the top.

If you want to share a Task with a colleague, select it from the Task List and pick Export to save the file as .xml and to a location of your choice.
Give the file location to your colleague, and have them pick Import to add it to the Task List. 

In order for the imported task to work correctly, the receiver of the task may need to Refresh the File list as described on this help page: Manage Live Cloud Models.

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