The Home page is the default opening dialog for Ideate Automation and also where active and previously completed task information can be reviewed. 

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Task List

The task list is located at the bottom of the Home page and can display some or all Ideate Automation Tasks.

Ideate Automation task list

NOTE: There is an option to Show Scheduled Tasks that will allow you to see Tasks that have been scheduled to run unattended using the  Schedule tool.

Task Tools

On the Home dialog you can find four task-related tools above the Task List: NewRepeatClone, and Schedule as shown above. 

Additionally, there is a Copy Command function that is available via a right-click menu when a completed task is selected from the Task List. See below for important details related to each of these functions.


Use the New button to initiate a new automation task.

repeat Repeat

Once a task has been created it will display within the Task List where it can be selected and run again.

Select one of the completed tasks from the Task List to enable the Repeat button, then either pick the button or right-click and select Repeat.


Similar to Repeat, the Clone button will recreate a previous task but allows users to edit the variable choices before the task runs.


If you want to schedule a task to run automatically, select it from the Task List and pick Schedule to launch the Scheduled Task Wizard.

Copy Command

The “Copy Command” option is only available from the right-click menu when you select a completed task from the Task List.

Copy the script command

Open Log Location

When a completed task is selected from the Task List the Open Log Location button will become enabled and can be used to access a log file associated with the last task created with that same name.

The log files may be requested by the technical support team to diagnose any problems you may be having with Ideate Automation.

Ideate Automation task list

The default location of the task logs can be modified under Settings

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