Schedule Revit File Opening

If your Revit project takes more than a few minutes to open then you should use Ideate Automation to save yourself time. With Ideate Automation you can quickly find the BIM360/ACC or local project files you need to open, choose to open them with or without worksets open, and also schedule them to open and be ready when you are to start your day.

To open one or more Revit files with Ideate Automation:

  1. Launch Ideate Automation from the Desktop or shortcut.
  2. Select Create and browse to the Automation Script\01 General folder
  3. Select one of these scripts:
    • AUT-Open_Exclude_Worksets - Use this script to quickly open the selected Revit file with an option to exclude worksets from opening by specifying the name(s) via a wildcard. Learn more about using this option: Exclude Worksets on File Open
    • AUT-Open_RVT_Files - Use this script to quickly open one or more Revit files. All worksets will be closed by default. Each file will open a unique Revit session 

Once you have successfully completed one of the file open scripts you can choose to schedule them daily as needed per the instructions below.

Schedule Revit File Opening

In order to schedule the opening of your Revit files:

  1. Begin by completing a task with one of the two scripts noted above.
  2. From the Ideate Automation Home page, pick the successfully created file-open tasks, then do one of the following:
    • Right-click and pick Schedule Task from the menu, OR…
    • Pick the Schedule button
  3. Be sure to review the Scheduled Task Name and modify if needed. It cannot be edited later.
  4. Provide a description to help identify the purpose of the scheduled task and/or the frequency.
  5. Edit the desired frequency and timing for the task. The Weekly option, shown above, makes it possible to pick only the needed days.
  6. Choose Save or Save and Run to complete the scheduled task.

Now your specified Revit files will be up and running when you are ready!

NOTE: Leave your computer on and adjust the power mode settings to ensure the computer can wake up. See Performance Tips for details.

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