Advanced Workflows for Automation

This section covers detailed steps for some of the most common workflows for Ideate Automation

Language support in Ideate Automation

If you are working with different language Revit models, you want to make sure that Automation launches Revit in the language of your choice. By default Automation will launch Revit in the language it was last run by the user. Enforcing a language has the benefit of consistent output. For example, if you run the ISW-Health_Check script and use English one day and then French another, any pivot tables or formulas within the Excel output will no longer work as expected. Similarly, a IFC .json file that is created in German and then run with an English language Revit will likely not work as expected.

To force a script to always run with a specific Revit language:

  1. Determine which Revit language code to use per this Autodesk article.
  2. Add to the StartRevit part of the script to include this text:  <LanguageCode>   </LanguageCode>, with the desired language code in the middle as shown in yellow below.

NOTE: Setting the language for one script will make all subsequent scripts without the LanguageCode command option run in the same language. If you are setting a language for one script, we recommend that you set it for all scripts that you are using.


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