Advanced Workflows for Automation

Language support in Ideate Automation

If you are working with different language Revit models, you want to make sure that Automation launches Revit in the language of your choice. By default Automation will launch Revit in the language it was last run by the user. To ensure the scripts always run with the correct Revit language, add the “-language XXX” (use a code per this article) switch to your script. Note the use of “-” instead of “/” used in desktop shortcuts.

To edit the script file, open it, find the line starting with “<command Controller=”, then add the switch (see in bold):

<!-- Start Revit and open the desired file. If this fails, abort the test -->
<command controller="OS" severity="Error">StartRevit -language DEU -file "$



NOTE: Setting the language for one script will make all subsequent scripts without a language switch run in the same language. If you are setting a language for one script, we recommend that you set it for all scripts that you are using, even if it will just be the -language ENU.


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