Sample Scripts

Ideate Automation contains several sample script (.def) files that can be used to open Revit and run your licensed Ideate Explorer and other licensed Ideate Software processes in the background. The scripts can be used by Ideate Automation or used in conjunction with other tools, like the Windows Task Scheduler.

The IEXExportWarnings command is used by Ideate Automation within all of the scripts listed below. The options for this command is to use the Warning Rankings data saved within the Revit file or to use the externally defined version of that file. The scripts below are all designed to use the externally defined version, so that all results are based on the same standard: 

C:\ProgramData\Ideate\Ideate Explorer\en-US\Rankings\DefaultWarnings.xml

Ideate Explorer Scripts

 Folder Script Description
 02 Health Check  ISW-Health_Check  For each Revit file selected, first optionally copies a predefined Excel file to a new location. Starts Revit, runs Ideate BIMLink, loads the links used for health checks, and creates or updates an existing health check spreadsheet. Runs Ideate Explorer and exports any Revit Warnings to the same Excel file. Runs IdeateApps>Annotate and exports any non-dismissed issues to the same Excel file.
 03 Quality Control  IEX-Export_Warnings For each Revit file selected, starts Revit, runs Ideate Explorer and exports all Revit Warnings with the corresponding Explorer Rank and Is Hidden status.

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