Resolve the Invisibility Issue with Ideate XRay for Revit

After selecting the Find Element button, Ideate XRay for Revit will return at least one reason for the invisibility. In many cases there may be more than one reason. After reviewing the Results from Ideate XRay for Revit, take advantage of the buttons within each Result to resolve the issue.

In the example below, a View Filter is the reason for the invisibility and the Result Text also indicates which Filter is the culprit. For some Revit users, this information alone will be enough to resolve the issue, but for those not familiar with View Filters, more help may be needed. In this case, the additional buttons found within each result are the logical next steps.  Each result will have a relevant Help content, listed under the “More Info” button, and in many instances either the “Show Me” or the “Fix” buttons will also be available.

Topics in this Section

Show Me


More Info


Resolve the View Filter Issue with Ideate XRay

Show Me

The “Show Me” button is available for some results, like the one shown above, where a relevant dialog can be opened, letting the Revit user resolve the problem for themselves. In this example, the Visibility Graphics dialog box will be opened (unfortunately we cannot make the Filter tab the active tab). The “Show Me” option is always about teaching you how to fish!


The “Fix” button is available under very strict conditions: the change enabled should only impact the Target View (and Dependent Views where applicable). For example, within the Annotation Crop result, there is a Fix available, because turning off the Annotation Crop will only impact the Target View.

More Info

Each result will have a relevant Help Topic. Refer to the Examples topic to see a sampling of results.

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