Unresolved Invisibility Conditions in Ideate XRay for Revit

"Learning never exhausts the mind" - Leonardo da Vinci

Ideate XRay solves over (50) Revit invisibility conditions, but we are the first to admit that we haven’t nailed them all... yet. 

However, if you are an IdeateApps owner, and you’ve landed on this page because Ideate XRay could NOT solve your invisibility issue, we’d still love to help. Please contact us at [email protected]; we may be able to provide further trouble-shooting assistance as long as you are able to send a file with the problem view. Please provide as much detail as possible including the name and/or type of element that is invisible, and the name of the view in which the element is not visible.

We promise to have our team research for you and, if we resolve it, we’ll be sure to include you in our Invisibility Guru Hall of Fame, below.

Let us know how we can improve Ideate XRay!

Invisibility Guru Hall of Fame

View Underlay

Thanks to Bill Johnson, of Ideate for this truly obscure reason for invisibility.  Bill says that he’s seen this one a few times before:  if the View Underlay matches the Level of the Target View itself, elements such as lighting elements that have an offset value greater than 0 will become invisible. Now why the Underlay would be equal to the level of the Target View is a good question, but the good news is that setting the Underlay to None, or any other value fixes this issue.  Thanks Bill!

Object Style is White!!

Dave Jones made a great post in Revit Forum about invisibility some time back, and this is one of a few that we haven’t bothered to solve, but realize we should.  Hopefully your staff isn’t designing content that matches the Revit background, or apply overrides to match the background, but bear in mind, it can happen.

Object Disappears When Zooming on Sheet

The Ideate Inc. support staff has nominated Lance Coffey to the Invisibility Hall of Fame. Ideate Support Manager Bradley Cooley, said that Lance, an Autodesk Support Specialist, is “truly dedicated to helping customers.”

Lance recently helped Bradley and the Ideate Inc. team solve a complicated case where Ideate XRay could not resolve the issue, which involved a linked file element. The Elevation view looked fine, but when placed on a Sheet some of the linked file elements disappeared. The resolution, provided by Lance, involved turning off the Depth Cueing. This case resulted in a new Revit bug report, which is currently under-research. Kudos to you Lance and thanks for being an Invisibility Guru!  

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