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Ideate XRay for Revit FAQ Topics:

Does Ideate XRay Resolve All Revit Visibility Issues?

What Will Ideate XRay Fix?

Why is the “Select by Crossing” Empty?

Why Can't I Find a Revit View?

Are Revit Linked File Elements Supported?


Does Ideate XRay resolve all Revit visibility issues?

We'd love to eventually resolve all visibility issues, but we'll need your help (and a bit of help from Autodesk too!). At the time of this writing we've resolved over (50) unique visibility issues and identified several to which there is not yet a programmatic method available to us that will let us resolve the question of invisibility. However, we are not giving up and will continue to try and improve our resolutions. In-product help will guide users though possible solutions and provide a method to contact support for any condition that is not yet supported.


What will Ideate XRay fix?

Ideate XRay attempts to answer the question of why a specific element is not visible within the Target View. For each result, in addition to a brief explanation Ideate XRay will offer a link to a specific Help topic with detailed information on how to address the issue. In some cases Ideate XRay will also offer an option to Fix the issue. The Fix options are only available for conditions that would impact the active view only. For example, the Fix will be un-doing the Visbility override, turning off the Annotation Crop, or to open a Workset. There are no Fix options for more significant changes like altering a View Template, modifying Phase settings or altering the View Discipline because these changes may well have unintended consequences. The question on what to Fix or not Fix is one we take very seriously and would welcome any input on this behavior - we want to make solving visibility issues as easy AND as low risk as possible.


Why is the “Select by Crossing” empty?

Identifying the invisible element is one of the first things you’ll need to do in order to use Ideate XRay. If you are unable to select the element in another view, you can try the Select by Crossing method to capture a list of elements within a given area.  This method is designed to work in plan, section, and elevation view only. When used in a 3D view, the results will be empty. In this condition you will need to find another way to select the invisible element.

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 “Select by Crossing” empty


Why can't I Find a Revit View?

A View element cannot be hidden (except maybe in the sense that it's not visible in the Project Browser) but a View Reference, which is also referred to as an Elevation, Section or Callout, can be hidden. You can use Ideate QuickSelect to filter on the name of the View and the select the View Reference element as shown. The View Reference element is supported for use within Ideate XRay.

Find Views with Ideate QuickSelect

Are linked Revit file elements supported?

Ideate XRay does not currently support visibility issues related to elements within linked Revit or CAD files.

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