Example: Annotation Crop using Ideate Ray for Revit

The information below is an example of the kind of content embedded within Ideate XRay for Revit. There are over 50 unique invisibility results possible within the product itself.

The annotation crop area can be used to crop tags, text, dimensions or other annotative elements separately from the model crop region. The primary purpose of the annotation crop is to support dependent views where the annotative elements live in the parent view but are also displayed in the dependent view and may need to be cropped, particularly near a matchline.  The annotation crop is turned on, by default, in any dependent view and also within any callout view.

To edit the annotation crop boundary:

  1. Within the Properties palette, check the Crop View, Crop Region Visible, and Annotation Crop checkboxes.
  2. Within the view, select the Crop Region. The Annotation Crop Region will now also be visible as a secondary, dashed boundary as shown below.
  3. Use the grip edits to stretch the Annotation boundary as needed.

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