Select Which Views to Check

Ideate SpellCheck for Revit can be used to check all or some of your project. In this section learn about how to control which parts of your project can be checked for spelling errors.

Topics in this Section

Check All Open Sheets and Views

This option is intended for checking  your recent work only and will review any Revit View that is currently open. This selection will include any Sheets that are open. When a Sheet is checked, all Viewports on the Sheet are also checked.

Check Sheets in Sheet List

This option lets you check your entire project by looking at the Sheets. After selecting this option you will be prompted to pick from a list of available Sheet lists. Learn more in this topic: Define a List of Sheets.

Check All Schedules

This option will check all Schedules defined within the project. If you want to only check the Schedules that have been placed on a Sheet, then choose the previous option. Schedules that are placed will always be checked if their host Sheet is also being checked.

Related topic: How To...Check All View and Sheet Names

Check Selected Views

This option will prompt to let you select which sheets and/or views you would like to check. Checking a sheet will automatically also include the views and schedules on that sheet. 

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