Fixing Revit Spelling Errors

After you have selected the Views, Sheets, and Schedules to review, Ideate SpellCheck for Revit will locate and display important information about each error as described below.

Fixing Revit Spelling Errors in Ideate SpellCheck Topics:

Fixing Spelling Errors with Ideate Spellcheck

Current View

The top part of the Ideate SpellCheck displays information that relates to the current view. This could be a Sheet, Schedule, or other View. The functionality of the “Skip View” button depends upon the scope of the Views being checked.  Using this button will cause Ideate SpellCheck to move to the next Sheet if Sheets are being checked, ignoring any Views placed on that Sheet.  Otherwise the “Skip View” button will move to the next View or Schedule.

Working On

The “Working On” area of Ideate SpellCheck identifies the source that is currently being reviewed for spelling errors. If the element is Text, as shown above, it will specify the Type and and within the Name field, it will indicate whether this a single or multi-line text element. If the element is part of a Schedule, it will identify the type of Schedule within the Category field, the name of the Schedule within the Type field, and the field will indicate either the name of the parameter or, in the case of a schedule header, the position of the header element. For each parameter that is being checked there is the option to Ignore Field.

Spellcheck a Revit Schedule

Ignore Field

The Ignore Field button will only display when a Schedule parameter is being checked for spelling. Some fields, such as those used for abbreviations, may not be worth spellchecking, and can benefit from this option.

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The upper-right portion of the Ideate SpellCheck dialog identifies the context of the element being checked. For Text elements it will display the entire piece of text within which there will be one or more errors. For Schedule fields, the Context area will display the value for the Schedule body or parameter value within which there will be one or more errors.

Current Word

The Current Word area displays the word found with a spelling error. This word is identified as “Not in dictionary”. For each word, choose one of the buttons at the right in order to proceed.


Ignore will not change the specified text, but the next time the same misspelling appears, it will be flagged again.

Ignore All

Ignore All will not change the specified text, and any text with the same misspelling will not be flagged again during the same session of SpellCheck.

Add to Dictionary

Using the “Add to Dictionary” button will update the custom dictionary with the specified word and thereby prevent it from being flagged for all future spell checks, not just within the active session, but for as long as that spelling exists within the custom dictionary.


Use this button to change the current word to word found within the “Change to” box. You may select a different word from within the list found within “Suggestion” or you may edit the text directly within the “Change to” box. This will edit only the current word.

Change All 

Change All will change the specified text, and any text with the same misspelling found during the same session of SpellCheck. 

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