Ideate SpellCheck for Revit Frequently Asked Questions

Ideate SpellCheck for Revit Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Use Ideate SpellCheck, Revit has a spellchecking tool?

Revit’s spellcheck tool has many limitations. This means that your Revit deliverable is likely to have many errors. Revit spellcheck tool cannot deliver on any of these Ideate SpellCheck features:

Can I Check More Than (1) Sheet?

Ideate SpellCheck can check the active Sheet, like Revit, or it can check all Sheets in the project. You can select any pre-defined Sheet list as a way of determining which Sheets should be checked. 

Which languages are supported by Ideate SpellCheck?

Revit is designed to support these languages for its spellchecking: American English, British English, French (accented capitals), French (unaccented capitals), German (pre-reform), German (post-reform), Italian and Spanish.

Ideate SpellCheck will work with all the above mentioned languages, and will also support these languages: Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Czech, Dutch, Hungarian.

Are All Schedule Fields Checked?

When Ideate Spellcheck is used on a Revit Schedule, only text-based fields are checked. Additionally, these parameters are setup to always be ignored:

Lastly, these fields will also be ignored, to protect the innocent.

If you really want us to check these, please contact [email protected]

Supported Revit Versions

Ideate SpellCheck is supported in Revit versions 2017 and newer. Due to API limitations in Revit 2016 it does not appear on the Add-ins tab by default, but can be manually enabled. Please refer to Understanding Warning Messages in Ideate SpellCheck for more info.

Ideate SpellCheck 2018 version 1.9 (the latest build for Revit 2018) requires .NET version 4.6 to function. Any user with a Revit 2019 or newer installed would have fulfilled this condition.

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