Using Ideate SmartDelete for Revit

Ideate SmartDelete for Revit is easy to use; follow these four simple steps to safely delete your selected Revit elements:

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Select Elements for Deletion

Ideate SmartDelete provides critical information about the elements that are selected for deletion. Use standard Revit methods to create the selection set before launching Ideate SmartDelete.

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Modify the Selection Set

After starting Ideate SmartDelete, the selected list of elements will display on the left-hand side of the main dialog. This list can be modified within Ideate SmartDelete; deselect the checkbox to remove it from the selection and prevent deletion. In the example shown, when the highlighted wall is unchecked, it will no longer be deleted upon selecting the Delete button within Ideate SmartDelete. Additionally, the related dependents, shown on the right, would also not be deleted.

After you uncheck and element, you can use the blue refresh button to update the element selection tree.

Reviewing Dependents

After Ideate SmartDelete is launched, it will search for the dependents of the selected elements. Elements that have dependents are shown in bold on the left-hand side of the UI. In the example above, the selected wall has (5) dependents: (1) Dimension, (1) Face Region, (1) Hand Dryer (in-place family), and (2) tags. Each of these dependents will also be deleted when that wall is deleted, so consider yourself forewarned!

Select each element in bold from the left-hand element tree to review its respective dependents.  Only items in bold have dependents.


If you are lucky, and your selection set has no dependents, you’ll get this message, indicating it’s safe to proceed.

Good New no dependents with Ideate SmartDelete

Otherwise, you should Review all dependents and then, when you are satisfied that nothing unexpected will also be deleted, use the Delete button within Ideate SmartDelete to safely delete the selected elements (and its dependents).

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