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Preview new Revit views in Ideate ViewCreator


Review Rule Selection

The view creation rule can be selected at the beginning of the process but also can be modified on the Preview dialog as shown above at #1. The list of rules available is impacted by the view creation method and the rules that are defined within the project. The descriptive text shown below the rule can be edited within the rule. Refer to Creating Custom Rules.

Set Property Overrides

Item #2 shows the opportunity to modify the properties of the new views. This option is available only when the specified rule allows this condition. In the image above, the rule called “DUPLICATE - Phase” has two property overrides: Phase and Phase Filter. If the default value is left as “<No Override>”, the new views will not be changed. If the Phase value is changed to “New Construction”, then all new views will have that value for the Phase property.

Set Name Overrides

Item #3 shows the name overrides, as with the property overrides, is available depending upon the rule. In the example above, the “DUPLICATE - Phase” rule allows the view names to be modified with a Prefix and/or Suffix. In this example, the new ceiling and floor plan views are suffixed with the word “-Demo”.

Preview Views

Item #4 shows a preview of the list of new views. The view names can be manually edited within this list if needed. If there are warnings that display within the list, the Create Views button will be deactivated. To complete the creation of the new views, select the green button to complete the new views.

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