Create Scaled or Presentation Views with Ideate ViewCreator for Revit

Ideate ViewCreator for Revit is designed to automate the batch-creation of new Revit views to match your BIM naming and view standards. In this example we will review the steps required to make scaled plan views, which can be radically simplified by using Ideate ViewCreator from IdeateApps for Revit. A series of smaller-scaled plan views may often be necessary for the purposes of presentations or code review. In the example below we will duplicate three floor plan views and while renaming them and adjusting the view scale from 100 to 200.

Before beginning this exercise, open the Revit sample file called rac_advanced_sample_project.rvt. This file can be typically found at C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit [version]\Samples.

  1. From the Ideate Software tab, select the Ideate ViewCreator button.
  2. Select the Duplicate Views button, then select the built-in rule called "DUPLICATE - Scaled Plans - Metric".
  3. Pick the "Select Views" button to proceed.
  4. On the "Select Views to Duplicate" dialog, leave "Duplicate" as the type of duplication.
  5. Select the three floor plans views, then pick the Next button.
  6. Within the Properties Overrides portion of the dialog, set a new value for the view scale to “200”.
  7. Notice that the new view names have adjusted to match the view scale.

The rule used in this example builds the new view names based on the original view name plus a dash and then the new view’s scale. Learn how to customize rules: Customizing Ideate ViewCreator for Revit

Customize metric rule in Ideate ViewCreator for Revit

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