Control Level Name within the View Name in Ideate ViewCreator for Revit

Ideate ViewCreator for Revit can automate the naming of newly created views by referencing various view properties such as the view type (“Floor Plan”) or the level name (“Level 01”). Additionally, when the Default Part is used, we are able to reasonably predict new view names based on the existing view name and its use of text that matches the parent view or data associated with the level, like elevation or number.. If these built-in methods do not result in your desired naming scheme, you may want to use custom parameters.

This topic details how to use a custom parameter to control the level name within the view for situations when the level name property does not match the desired text for that level.  For example, the level name might be “First Floor” but you want your view name to be “Level 1 — Floor Plan”. 

Create a Custom Parameter

In order to use a consistent naming pattern for level-based views when the name needs to vary from the level name parameter, create a new project parameter for Level instance elements. Ask your BIM manager to create this parameter, or follow the steps below which will both create a parameter and setup a Level Schedule to facilitate editing the parameter values.

  1. Download this Revit sample file with the relevant parameter is already setup. Unzip the file and save it to your desktop.
  2. From the Revit Insert menu, select the option to “Insert from File”.
  3. Select the option to “Insert Views from File”.
  4. Browse to the downloaded file.
  5. When prompted, select OK to insert the schedule called “Level Schedule”. This will create a new schedule and add a project parameter called “Level Abbrev”.
  6. Fill out the desired text for each level that will have a related set of plan views (ceiling, area, structural or floor plan).

Next step: Load the “Level Abbrev Type” rule.

Insert Revit schedule from file in Ideate ViewCreator for Revit

Load the “Level Abbrev Type” Rule

Once the custom parameter has been created within the Revit project, a view rule can be created or edited to use that parameter as part of the view name. In this example, a Sample Rule that ships with the product, is used.

  1. Start Ideate ViewCreator from the Ideate Software tab.
  2. Next to the Rule dropdown, select the [...] button to launch the Manage Rules dialog, then select Import
  3. Browse to the \ViewCreator\Bonus Rules folder, then select the rule called “Level Abbrev Type” to import.
  4. From within the Manage Rules dialog, select the new rule, then select Edit.
  5. Double click on the Level part, as shown, to confirm that this rule is referencing the custom property called LevelAbbrev
  6. Close the Manage Rule dialog.

You are now ready to automatically name your plan view names based on a custom level-based parameter. Nice job!

Use a custom Revit parameter to name the view in Ideate ViewCreator

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