Searching Sheets

The Searching Sheets function of Ideate SheetManager for Revit helps you stay on top of your project by making it easy to search, find and open Sheets and Views.  The right-side of the dialog, shown below, displays a list of all Sheets in the Revit project, organized according to the active Project Browser setting. 

The Browser drop-down lets you select any Revit Project Browser option defined within the project for Sheets. A change made here does not impact the Revit Project Browser setting allowing you to easily and safely navigate your sheets based on your own criteria.

Use the Search box to add a keyword to further refine the list of Sheets. The keyword will be used to find any Sheet that:

The Search filter will remain active while you work. If you want to clear the filter, select the button to the right of the Search box.

In the image below, the Search keyword “sect” is returning the Sheet name the includes “Sections” as well as a Sheet that includes Views with the word “Section” also.

Searching Sheets within Ideate SheetManager

TIP: Use the right-click menu to Expand or Collapse the list of Sheets.

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