Create Sheets from Views

If you have many unplaced views that need to be placed onto a new sheet, you can use the Create Sheet tool within Ideate SheetManager to quickly place one or more unplaced views onto their own respective sheets. To access this tool, select one or more unplaced views from the left-hand side of SheetManager, then use either the right-click menu or the Create Sheet button as shown. This is ideal for quickly placing any large plan, elevation, building section, schedule, or panel schedule view on its own sheet. For smaller views such as interior elevations, details or drafting views, use drag and drop within SheetManager instead.

To automatically create many sheets based on unplaced views, follow the steps below.

Start “Create Sheets”

  1. Launch Ideate SheetManager from the IdeateApps toolbar.
  2. Select one or more unplaced views from the Views pane on the left.
  3. Select the Create Sheet button as shown below, or use the right-click option and select Create Sheet(s).
  4. Select a Matching Sheet

Create Sheets from Revit Views with Ideate SheetManager

Select a Matching Sheet

  1. Select from the list of existing sheets a Matching Sheet. All sheet parameters, the default sheet number, and the title block used on that sheet will be used in the creation of the new sheets.
  2. OPTIONAL: when the Matching Sheet has Legends and/or Schedules they will be available to be duplicated onto the new sheets.
  3. Select Create button.
  4. OPTIONAL: after the new sheets have been made you can choose to Rename Sheets.

Tip: Review the in-product Getting Started Guide for Ideate SheetManager for more examples of how to make the most of this tool.

Select a Matching Sheet


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