Viewport Options Using Ideate Clone for Revit

When you use Ideate Clone from IdeateApps for Revit to duplicate an existing Revit Sheet, you can optionally specify new unplaced Views to be located on the new Sheet in the same location as those placed on the originally selected Sheet. The three choices for new Viewports are explained below.

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Swap viewports with Ideate Clone for Revit

Existing View Options

In the example shown above, the existing Sheet has the “North Level 1 Lighting Plan” as a placed View (Viewport). The new Sheet, created by Ideate Clone, is being selected so that the unplaced View called “North Level 2 Lighting Plan”. The Level 2 View will be placed on the new Sheet such that the model location is coordinated with the Level 1 View. 

The checkbox for “Show similar views only” filters out unplaced Views that are not likely choices. You can uncheck this box to see a list of all unplaced Views.

Duplicate View Options

When creating a new Sheet with Ideate Clone you may also want to substitute the existing Viewport for a new, duplicated View. Ideate Clone supports all three Revit variations for creating duplicate Views: Duplicate View, Duplicate with Detailing, Duplicate as Dependent. You can learn more about these Revit options in the Autodesk Revit Online Help.

Schedules and Legends

Schedules and Legend Views support re-use on a Sheet without the need for a duplicated View. For this reason any Schedule or Legend will default to itself, meaning it will be re-displayed on the new Sheet. If you wish to, you may choose “None”, or pick another Schedule or Legend to swap in its place.

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