Cloning a Sheet with Ideate Clone for Revit

Cloning a Sheet in Ideate Clone for Revit Topics in this Section

Copy a Revit Sheet with Ideate Clone

To make a copy of a Revit Sheet:

  1. Use Ideate SheetManager for Revit or the Project Browser to make a Sheet the active View.
  2. Launch Ideate Clone from the Ideate Software tab or from within Ideate SheetManager for Revit.
  3. Clone will suggest a new Sheet number based on the selected Sheet. You can either:
    • use the suggested number
    • edit the number
    • pick from a pre-defined number and name by selecting a placeholder sheet
  4. The default Sheet name for the new Sheet will match the existing Sheet name. Either accept this name or edit the name. If you use the placeholder option, then the name of the Sheet will come from the placeholder.
  5. Review Viewport Options using Ideate Clone for Revit, noted below.

Duplicate a Sheet with Ideate Clone for Revit

Review Viewport Options

Ideate Clone will display a list of the placed Views (Viewports) at the bottom of the dialog. By default, the new Sheet will include new instances of any Schedule or Legend. Refer to the Viewport Options using Ideate Clone for Revit topic for more details on this set of functions. When you are satisfied with the Viewport Options, select the Clone button to create a new Sheet.

The new Sheet will include all the copied Sheet’s properties, meaning it will likely be organized within the Project Browser next to the originally selected Sheet.

Swap Viewports with Ideate Clone for Revit

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