Select the Views to Align in Ideate Align for Revit

To use Ideate Align, first select the Alignment View in Ideate Align for Revit. The next step is to decide which Sheets should also be adjusted to ensure that the relevant placed Views are aligned with the selected Alignment View. On the right-hand side of the screen you will see displayed a list of ‘similar’ Views.

Use the checkboxes to select one or more Views, then select the Align button to move the selected View(s) to match the Alignment View. The number of selected Views will be noted along the bottom of the dialog.

To learn more about exactly how the alignment logic works, refer to this topic within the Frequently Asked Questions topic: How Are Views Aligned?

Views to align on multiple Revit Sheets

Show Similar Views Only

“Show similar views only” is an option found within both Ideate Align and Ideate Clone for Revit. When this option is checked (default), the list of Views provided will be limited to match the View type and View scale (if applicable) of the selected Viewport. For example, if the selected Viewport is a 1:10 Elevation, then only other Elevations that are also 1:10 will be shown when this box is checked. The exception to this rule is that Drafting Views will always display other Drafting Views, regardless of the scale.

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