Ideate ReNumber for Revit Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of elements are supported?

Most model elements and Viewports, Detail Elements, ... are supported within Ideate ReNumber, though not all elements can be fully supported. Areas, for example, are treated differently within the Revit API and cannot be managed properly for the vertex method of numbering. Multi-category numbering have been implemented in the November 2018 release.

Does Ideate ReNumber correctly manage door swings?

Yes, Ideate ReNumber can be used to properly fix the Revit values for the “To Room” and “From Room” whether you are using the Room Calculation Point method or not. Once the doors are properly set to the correct room, future numbering tasks are a snap.

Does Ideate ReNumber make it easy to re-do the numbering a second time?

Yes, you can save the rule AND the rules support ignoring certain elements each time. This, coupled with support for numbering along a path, makes is easy to quickly renumber a second time.

Can I build a project-specific or code-specific numbering rule?

Yes, Ideate ReNumber supports full customization of the numbering rules.

Why is Auto-Number not available?

The Auto-Number option is available for any rule that includes a Room- or Space-based Field part or, and for any rule that does NOT include an Increment part. Learn more about Auto-Update.

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