Right-click Options in Ideate QuickSelect for Revit

The Ideate QuickSelect for Revit right-click menu is activated by right-clicking on the mouse while the cursor is within the “Results” window as shown. Read: Using Results Area in Ideate QuickSelect for Revit. The options displayed are dependent on the selected Revit elements and include: 

Right-click options for Ideate QuickSelect for Revit

Show Elements

After you've used Ideate QuickSelect to filter and find the elements of interest, use the Show Elements option to find a relevant view. You can access this command by one of these two methods:

Create Similar

This Revit command will use whichever element is currently highlighted (near the cursor) regardless of the number of elements checked. The Create Similar command requires input from a single 'family and type' element.

Open Sheet

This option only applies when a View that has already been placed. When a placed View is selected, this right-click option will open the Sheet on which the View has been placed. Unlike Revit, this option is available even in the 2015 version of Ideate QuickSelect!

Open the Sheet of the Revit View from Ideate QuickSelect

Zoom Tools

Zooming can be done with conventional Revit methods while Ideate QuickSelect is up and running but there are some conditions when it will be useful to access the tools from within Ideate QuickSelect. Follow these steps for an example of where this is useful:

  1. Open a 3D View in a project.
  2. Set the Display to "Active View"
  3. Select one instance of an element in the project.
  4. Right-click and select "Show Elements". This will zoom in very close to that element. If you need to zoom out a little your options are:
    • Make the View active by touching it and then use Revit’s zoom tools (mouse, toolbutton, etc.). The process of making the View active will, however, deselect the items within Ideate QuickSelect.
    • Use the Zoom tools within the right-click options of Ideate QuickSelect. This will permit the selection state to remain unchanged.

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