Ideate QuickSelect for Revit Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics in this Section for Ideate QuickSelect for Revit:

Which Elements Does Ideate QuickSelect Manage?

How does Ideate QuickSelect Differ from Ideate Explorer?

Can Ideate QuickSelect Help Find Hidden CAD Imports (DWGs)?

Can Ideate QuickSelect Help Zoom to Views?

Which Elements Does Ideate QuickSelect Manage?

Ideate QuickSelect manages instances of all the elements in the active Revit project and can display them by Entire Project, Active View, or Current Selection.  Ideate QuickSelect does not manage elements within linked files.

How Does Ideate QuickSelect Differ from Ideate Explorer?

Ideate QuickSelectIdeate QuickSelect is recommended for Revit daily productivity usage by anyone who wants to find, select, and filter the Revit model in an efficient way.

 Ideate Explorer for Revit is recommended for model managers who are tasked with Revit Project auditing and cleanup.

 Ideate QuickSelect is a subset of Ideate Explorer functionality.


Ideate QuickSelect  Ideate QuickSelect versus Explorer

Ideate QuickSelect Ideate Explorer
Select and zoom to any element in the project, even if hidden in view x x
Find any element in the project, based on Category, Family, Type Name, or Text string value x x
Granular selection with Current Selection, Active View, or Entire Project x x
Quickly Search Sheets and Views by Keywords x x
Find Schedules by Category and Type x x
Interact with Revit properties and other Revit tools while open x x
Auto-hide interface   x
Sort by Workset, Level, Phase, Room, Space or Edited By   x
Search and select by parameter value   x
Built-in filters   x
Custom Filters   x
Review and rank Revit warnings   x

Can Ideate QuickSelect Help Find Hidden CAD Imports (DWGs)?

Yes, Ideate QuickSelect itemizes CAD Imports (hidden or otherwise) so that they can be reviewed and modified and/or deleted. Ideate QuickSelect also itemizes other elements that are not included in the Project Browser such as: Text, Dimensions, Images, Pads, Plan Regions, Revision Clouds, etc.

Can Ideate QuickSelect Help Zoom to Views?

Yes, Ideate QuickSelect can help you find elements and then zoom to views where they can be seen, even if they are hidden by override.

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