What's New in IdeateApps for Revit

The latest improvements to IdeateApps have been designed for use with Revit 2017-2020. All functionality is identical across Revit versions, unless noted otherwise. See below for a summary of the improvements and new tools added into the May 2019 release.

You can also review videos related to the new functionality within our YouTube What's New in Ideate Software playlist.

Improvements & Fixes:

Ideate ReNumber

This version of Ideate ReNumber has been modified to support MEP Fabrication Parts and also includes new multi-category workflow rules suggested by customers.

Rules added to Basic folder

Rules added to Bonus folder

Ideate QuickSelect

In addition to supporting new-to-Revit elements, such as the Path of Travel element and PDF (raster images), this version of Ideate QuickSelect has also been improved to help easily identify different types of Revit keynotes as shown.

Structural Connections, added to Revit 2019, have also been added to this version of Ideate QuickSelect.

Ideate Clone

To facilitate repetitive sheet creation workflows, we have implemented several improvements to Ideate Clone including:

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