What's New in IdeateApps for Revit

The latest improvements to IdeateApps have been designed for use with Revit 2016-2019. All functionality is identical across Revit versions, unless noted otherwise. See below for a summary of the improvements and new tools added into this release.

You can also review videos related to the new functionality within our YouTube What's New in Ideate Software playlist.


Improvements & Fixes:

IdeateApps Tool: ReNumber

Now you can use a Schedule view to manage a filtered list of elements to be renumbered. Creative uses of this are highlighted through three new rules: Views - Interior Elevations, Views - Framing, Conduits with Run Data.

IdeateApps Tool: Quickselect

Elements created via IFC import or Dynamo are now displayed within QuickSelect for a comprehensive view into the building information model. These elements can also quickly be identified via the Search box as they all include the "<" character. They are identified either as a DirectShape or IFC element.

IdeateApps Tool: Align

An important bug has been addressed in this release that impacts the alignment of viewports that have been rotated, and then un-rotated. Please consider updating for this reason.

Ideate Clone

Some minor improvements have been made to Ideate Clone to improve the handling of how the prefix and suffixes are added when the Duplicate option is selected for existing viewports.

Ideate ViewCreator

Released in Jan 2018, Ideate ViewCreator is now enhanced to support the batch duplication of section and elevation views for use with the Duplicate method.


Bundled Installation and Licensing


We've created a bundled installer for a more streamlined user experience; get all versions installed at once with fewer clicks.

MSI files are still provided as version-specific.


Now use one license code to activate all versions 2016-2019 - all standalone licensed customers must get a new license code to use this release! Activate or deactivate only one time to make all versions to work, or return the license for all versions at once.


Learn more about these changes in the online FAQ.

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