What's New in IdeateApps for Revit

The latest improvements to IdeateApps have been designed for use with Revit 2020-2024. All functionality is identical across Revit versions, unless noted otherwise. See below for a summary of the improvements and new tools added into the May 2023 release.

You can also review videos related to the newer functionality within our YouTube What's New in Ideate Software playlist.

May 2023 Updates

This release of IdeateApps includes several new workflows related to Ideate Annotate, which was added in June 2022, and for Ideate ViewCreator. It also includes some minor feature improvements related to Ideate SpellCheck and Ideate ReNumber.

New Workflows

Easily Align and Distribute Text, Tags, and Keynotes

Ideate Annotate is designed to make all 2D documentation work easier. In this release we have added the ability to align and evenly distribute text, tags, keynotes, and even viewport titles to this tool. This new feature will be indispensible in helping to neaten up and improve the legibility of your documentation. Learn more in Annotate Tools.

Batch Duplicate Level-based Schedules

The ability to automatically copy plan-based views to multiple levels has always been a feature within Ideate View Creator. In this release we are adding support for copying schedules from one level to many. For this reason the Plans to Level method has been renamed to Views to Level.

Batch Duplicate Room-based Schedules

As part of improvements noted below for the Room Views>Clone Sheet Method, it is now possible to batch create schedules that are room-specific. The schedule must be placed on a sheet and must filter on the Room Number parameter in order to work. If you need room-based schedules and this method is superior to the Revit filter by sheet method both in its accuracy and its ability to have unique (and automatically managed) schedule naming. Learn more about this workflow: Room View Layout Options



Annotation Clash Results

This release includes support for grid and level marker clashing. We have also Improved support for dimension text clashes – previously this only supported the insertion point of a dimension string; now this supports the bounding box of each dimension text.We also added support for clash detection of spot elevations and spot coordinates elements

Finding Hidden/Cropped Detail Groups

In the previous release of Annotate>Review, elements that were part of a Detail Group that were hidden or cropped by the Annotation Crop boundary were not identified as a condition under the “Other Not Visible” or “Hidden Elements” categories. This has been fixed in this release.

New Annotation Issue Types

On the Review tab of Ideate Annotate you can find a range of common annotation issues to help ensure quality control for your documentation. In this release per beta tester feedback we have added two new Issue Types called “Unexpected Keynote” and “Duplicate Tags”. Learn more about these new conditions under the  Issue Types help topic.

Custom Filtering & Selection

This version of Annotate includes new customizable filters and a filtered selection tool to make it even easier to only select the elements you need.


The Select Elements method has been modified to allow multiple selections on the same element. This method can be used as a way to manually skip certain numbers.


Per customer request this release contains a new method to specify the scope of the SpellCheck work. Now you can choose to check specified sheets and/or views. Picking a sheet will automatically include any view, legends, or schedules related to that sheet in the SpellCheck scope of work. SpellCheck now also works within the Family Editor environment (RFA) to better support Generic Annotation and Title Block families.


Clone Room Sheet Method Improvements

Using the Room Views>Clone Sheet method you can use an existing sheet as a template to create similar room-based sheets. In this release, we have added the ability to include legends and room-based (filtered) schedules as part of this process. Additionally, this same method now also supports using more than one plan or ceiling plan view during the process.

Room Views Method — Support for Rooms in Linked Files
The ability to automatically create and place plan, ceiling plan 3d, and elevation views based on a selection of rooms was added to Ideate View Creator in our June 2022. In this release we are adding support for selecting rooms from a linked file.

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