What's New in IdeateApps for Revit

The latest improvements to IdeateApps have been designed for use with Revit 2018-2021. All functionality is identical across Revit versions, unless noted otherwise. See below for a summary of the improvements and new tools added into the May 2020 release.

You can also review videos related to the new functionality within our YouTube What's New in Ideate Software playlist.

Changes in May 2020 Update:


Improvements & Fixes in November 2019 Update:

Improved Searching

The search option in this version of IdeateApps has been improved such that un-quoted words will be treated as an "and" statement. Using quotes will enforce an exact match. For example, entering Floor 2 into the Search area will now find any view that contains both the word "Floor" and the word "2" such as "Level 02 - Floor Plan" or "2nd Floor". Previously that same search would have only found views that contained exactly the words "Floor 2". If you want to only find two or more words in an exact order, use "".

This improvement is integrated into: SheetManager, ViewCreator, Align, and QuickSelect.

Ideate ReNumber

This version of Ideate ReNumber has added support for odd and even numbering, which is particularly useful for rooms and parking spaces.

Rule added to Basic folder:

Rules added to Bonus folder:

Ideate SheetManager

Ideate SheetManager has been improved to make sheet setup easier than ever. Be sure to try each of these new features when you download this version for Revit 2017-2020.

Rename Views or Sheets

Quickly rename existing views or sheets by selecting and using the new right-click option. Renaming views allows for easy editing of the view name or title on sheet properties. Renaming sheets allows for easy editing of the sheet number and sheet name properties.

Create Sheet(s)

Quickly create new sheets based on a list of selected unplaced views, legends or schedules. This feature can be accessed from the right-click menu or from the new toolbutton at the bottom of Ideate SheetManager.

Array Viewports

In this version you can multi-select unplaced views and when they are dropped onto a new sheet the views will array within the specified margins of the titleblock for improved sheet production.

Batch Copy and Paste Legends/Schedules

Select a placed legend or schedule from one sheet to right-click and copy, then select one or more sheets to paste the same legends/schedules to multiple sheets. Like all of the new features, this is available in Revit 2017 and forward.

Ideate ViewCreator

In addition to the improved searching noted above, we have added view naming modifications to make it even easier to get the view names you want. Look for the search/replace and prefix/suffix options as shown below.


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