Setting Shortcuts in IdeateApps for Revit

IdeateApps for Revit Topics in this Section:

How to make a Revit Shortcut

Revit shortcuts are managed by selecting Views>User Interface>Keyboard Shortcuts. To import the suggested shortcut keys, use the Import... button and browse to C:\Program Files\Ideate\Ideate Software 201X\IdeateApps.  The XML file provided has pre-defined shortcuts that can be merged with your existing shortcuts so that keyboard entries will launch the specified IdeateApps tool.

Revit Keyboard Shortcuts in IdeateApps

Suggested Shortcut Keys

Revit does permit duplicates, so be sure to verify that any new shortcuts are not duplicating existing ones.  In the case of duplicates, Revit permits cycling through the duplicates through the use of the arrow keys. The following shortcuts are recommended to minimize the risk of duplication.  These can be manually imported from the XML file stored at C:\ProgramData\Ideate\IdeateApps.  

Ideate ReNumber - Shift+R

Ideate QuickSelect - Shift+Q

Ideate SmartDelete - Shift+D

Ideate XRAY - Shift+X

Ideate Spell Check - Shift+S

Ideate Annotate - Shift+AN

Ideate Clone - Shift+C

Ideate Sheet Manager - Shift+M

Ideate Align - Shift+A

Ideate ViewCreator - Shift+V

Quick Access Toolbar

IdeateApps tools can also be placed on Revit’s Quick Access Toolbar. Right-click on any of the tools and select the option to add to the Quick Access toolbar, as shown.

Add IdeateApps to the Revit Quick Access toolbar

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